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Banda Garib Hai Bhajan MP3 Lyrics| Sai Baba Bhajan

Ye Banda garib hai mp3 bhajan lyrics: sai bhagwan is kulyug god who came from where no body knows. He spent all his life in Shirdi for sake of people without thinking about himself. He is true god who give us message of Humanity, unity and love all priciple in life.Let's thank this god by this wonderful sai bhajan. This bhajan is for all sai baba lovers.                               !! OM SAI RAM  !! Bhajan: Banda Garib Hai Album: Sai Ki Jogniya Singer: Humsar Hayat Nizam, Atahar Hayat Music: Humsar Hayat Nizam Lyrics: M.D. Hayat Music Label:T-Series Banda Garib Hai MP3 Bhajan Lyrics and HD Video